denise webber

Denise Webber (b1958 UK) is an artist working predominantly with video and photography. She spent her early years in Ammochostos in Cyprus, until the outbreak of war, when she and her family were evacuated under shellfire on the last British convoy to leave the city in June 1974.

Her work displays a concern with human frailty and an interest in small revelatory details. Women and feminist sensibilities feature in her work, and she refers to a repeated return to "the moment at which an emotion enters an image". Though understated, the work has an emotive presence. She uses a documentary approach or real-world material such as photography, and focuses attention using repetition or repositioning. This is exemplified by her video animation, Clay (1998), which uses the 19th century still photographs of Eadweard Muybridge, restoring humanity to his subjects in a mood of celebration and liberation. 

Her work has been exhibited at Tate Modern London, Moderna Museet Stockholm and the Museum of Contemporary Art Melbourne and is in the Arts Council England Collection.

Denise has lectured at the University of East London and at London Metropolitan University, and has worked as a freelance editor. She lives and works in London and the south-west coast UK.

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